Tax Return Estimates

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Tax Return Estimates, Preparation & Submission

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At TaxGenius we have qualified tax experts ready to provide tax return estimates and tax return submissions to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). We want to minimise your Tax Liability in your annual individual tax return and maximise any rebate you are entitled to. We have developed a contactless system that will provide you with an estimate of any refund and prepare your Tax Return over the phone. Simply book a day and time and we will call you back and start the ball rolling. Simple and easy as that.

Why The TaxGenius?

We take your financial future seriously. We want you to be able to move forward with a concrete plan of greater savings with your future tax returns. That means planning with you where you can maximise deductions year on. Don’t throw away receipts that could be used to save you money. Our team know all the latest tax regulations and how they can impact you. 

Fast, Thorough, Future Thinking Tax Services.

Tax Return Estimates

Tax Return 20-21

These are due now so don’t delay in preparing for your Tax Return. We help you so get in touch today.

All tax returns are different. The type of work you do will allow you to claim certain deductions. Your fringe benefits – company car – travel allowances will all be unique to your particular case. Any investment  property ownership will be another factor. TaxGenius will advise you and gather all the required information to maximise your tax efficiency and tax rebate. We don’t rush through a tax return that does not maximise your deductions.

Have a look at the checklist below and prepare the necessary information for a fast and smooth process. 

After we have completed your first tax return with us we will provide a structure for you to move forward to greater savings over the coming years. Highlighting the expenditure that best suits your tax efficiency.

Tax Return Estimates, Preparation & Submission


Documentation including paperwork and receipts for: YOUR INCOME – Typically

  • PAYG Payment Summaries from your employer. ( “Group Certificates” )
  • Any Termination Payments from employers
  • Summaries of any Centrelink payments.
  • Share dividend income statements.
  • Tax statements from trusts, or other investments
  • Investment property income and expenditure
  • Interest earned from bank accounts

  • Your Work-related expenses (with receipts).
  • Motor vehicle log.
  • Interest and fees on investment loans. ( e.g. Investment Property Mortgages )
  • Fee charged for previous year’s tax return.
  • Insurances ( e.g. Health, Income, Sickness )
  • Extra superannuation contributions.
  • Charity Donations.

  • Details of your spouse, including their date of birth and taxable income to check if you may be eligible for tax benefits.