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Bookkeeping Services Sydney

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TaxGenius head office is at Parramatta. We also have branches positioned in Liverpool, Miranda, Mt Druitt, and Macarthur Square to provide bookkeeping services across Sydney. All our bookkeepers are fully qualified in small business accounting, Payroll Tax, Business Activity Statements, and experienced in using all leading bookkeeping accounting software.

Running your business can be extremely time consuming. Keeping up to date with your bookkeeping can impact precious time with family and friends. By taking up the slack in your bookkeeping TaxGenius can help with the stress of all the paperwork and data entry. You can get us to do whatever roles you need accomplished. We can will tailor a bookkeeping package that suit your requirements and your future workflow. From simple data entry, to a full payroll and BAS bookkeeping service we always provide you with a fully professional service that you control.

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Genius People in Tax Staff are qualified bookkeepers, accountants and Tax experts. They can help you create a bookkeeping package for you that suits your working method and your workflow. All of our staff undergo regular ongoing training and learning programmes to ensure you are getting a very high service. This training ensures staff are not only up to date with current accounting practices but also maintains team enthusiasm and constantly improves collective skills and their financial knowledge base.

If you use bookkeeping and accounting services in tandem with our tax return services you can benefit from a coordinated approach to you financial future. We will work with you to create a foundation that will maximise your tax and financial efficiency into your future planning.

The team have experience with businesses of all types and size. By working closely with you they will perform the bookkeeping services you need so you can concentrate on your core business activities. Together we create the workflow that is a cost benefit and time saving solution for your business. Our packages are competitive and will easily match the cost of doing the work in-house. Outsourcing can free up your time and your staffs time to do what you business needs to do to run efficiently. We will work together to make this benefit a reality. Sole traders will also benefit by saving time and using this time to connect with family and friends for a healthier lifestyle.

Call us today and get your accounts up to date and discuss a plan to create an efficient Bookkeeping strategy. You can simply book as many hours a week you need,  set us the the tasks you are unable to do yourself, or create a complete bookkeeping program.

 Business Activity Statement (BAS)

A BAS Statement is a legal requirement for businesses that includes calculations of goods and services tax (GST) and your business payroll tax. BAS returns need to be completed quarterly or monthly. The process can be both time consuming and impact business at inconvenient times. At TaxGenius we offer a full BAS statement service in our accounting and bookkeeping services.

Keeping your BAS up to date is symptomatic of an efficiently run company. TaxGenius can help you streamline the whole process making your business and financial responsibilities as cost effective and as time efficient as possible.

BAS Statement due dates:

Quarterly Reporting

Q1 – July, August and September 28 October
Q2 – October, November and December 28 February
Q3 – January, February and March 28 April
Q4 – April, May and June 28 July

Monthly reporting – 21st of the following month


We will discuss all your responsibilities with you so we can effectively and economically perform the required tasks. You need to provide us with the correct data for your purchases, expenditure, sales, wages, and any fringe benefits. Our service does not stop there as we can also provide detailed reports and analytical advise to ensure a more efficient financial future for you and your business. Give us a call or complete the form below. We can help get you perform your BAS obligations as a smooth flowing process.

Bookkeeping Service elements

  • Industry leading software specialists
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) Services
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Payroll services, Payroll Tax and PAYG
  • Stock Control
  • Accounts and Reporting Month and Year End
  • Reconciliation – Bank and Credit Cards
  • Profit and Loss Reporting Statements
  • Invoices
Bookkeeping Parramatta

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Bookkeeping services for small business.

If you have any questions just give us a call or fill in a contact form.  We will work with you top create a suitable package to suit the way you work and the way your business operates. Whatever element of the accounting process you want to outsource we will create the cost effective solution. Working together is an efficient process. Our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers focus on building long-term relationships with all our clients. Trust and confidentiality are of primary concern and consideration in building financial relationships. Whatever your business sector we have knowledgeable staff to guide you through the myriad of tax considerations that may or may not apply to your company. Our mission is to simplify your financial processes – Keeping Things Simple,

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Bookkeeping Services Sydney
Bookkeeping Parramatta
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